Modest Yet Chic: Conservative and Trendy Fingernail Polish Ideas

Painting and designing your nails is not only a good way to improve your overall appearance (and especially the overall appearance of your hands), but it is also a good way to relieve stress and tie in an outfit for a work presentation or job interview. If you find the rhinestones and neon designs rather off-putting (or if wild nails aren't allowed at your job) but you want to keep your nails looking good and even a bit trendy, what are you to do? If you're looking for a few conservative yet trendy nail ideas, then here's what you need to know.

Change Your Stripe

If a checkered pattern (which was a big trend last year) is a little too eye-catching for your taste, how about just one line? This simple geometric design features a single line running up the middle of your nail from cuticle to tip. Not only does this allow you to choose an accent color against a more neutral base color, but it also provides visual interest without being over the top. As a bonus, the line by itself doesn't really appear as a geometric pattern, which means that it won't clash with any print or pattern you choose to wear.

Art Noir

French tips are a classic nail design for a reason – they simply ooze elegance and sophistication, all while being rather plain in their composition. This elegance and simplicity are probably why the newest version of the French tip to be in style is simply black French nails, where the tip is noir rather than blanc. Easy to do at home (with the help of a little masking tape, at least) and rather conservative, black French tips are parfait for anything from a normal day at the office to a black-tie company soiree.

Teal and Peach

If you really don't like patterns or designs on your nails but want to give a little bit of a nod towards current fashion, you can't go wrong with the two most popular colors of Spring 2017: teal and peach. Teal is a great cool color that's still soft enough for both wintertime and for your office, and can really stand out against dark winter navy. Peach – especially peach that's balanced between pink and orange and more saturated in color – is another hot color, allowing you to channel your wish for warmer weather without resorting to neon or baby pinks at the same time.