Treat Your Eyes Well When Wearing Eye Makeup

Your eyes are very important to your overall well-being. Therefore, you don't want to take them for granted and want to be sure you do all you can to protect them. Wearing makeup may seem like a perfectly safe thing to do, but it can be bad for your eyes. Following the tips in this article will help you avoid makeup-caused eye problems.

Don't share makeup with other people

Sharing makeup with other people puts you at risk of catching certain conditions, such as conjunctivitis (pink eye). When you use the eye makeup of a person carrying the condition it can easily be transferred to you. If you have decided it is worth the risk and you really need to borrow that friend's eye pencil, then you want to use a tissue to remove the top layers of the pencil so you can decrease your chances of transferring germs.

Throw out old makeup

Most people tend to use their eye makeup for much longer than they should. However, they should really be going through their makeup bag regularly and making sure they toss out makeup that they have had for two to six months, depending on the type of eye makeup it is. Eye shadows can be kept longer than mascara and eye pencils.

If you notice a difference in the way your makeup goes on, see that it looks different than it used to once you have applied it, or notice a smell to it, then it's also time to toss it out. Also, throw it away if you've recently had a head cold or another type of infection or illness. Eye makeup can provide an excellent breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Don't put eye liner in your eyes

Many times people will put eye liner on the insides of their eyelids along the lash line. If you do this, it is something you should stop doing immediately. Not only does it put you at risk of injuring your eye, but it can also cause other problems. Makeup applied to the inside of the eye can block oil glands that protect the cornea by secreting protective oils. It can also lead to dry eyes and irritation.

By making sure you are responsible with your eye makeup, you can decrease your chances of causing eye injuries, catching an illness or experiencing other problems. Having the ability to buy face makeup online allows you to easily replace your makeup more often, so you know you are using clean, new makeup to avoid some of these issues.  

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