Three Tips For Maintaining Your Makeup Brush Collection

A set of high-quality makeup brushes can be an extremely expensive investment to make in your cosmetics, but these brushes are essential for getting the most from your makeup. As a result, it is critical for you to care for these brushes to ensure that they last for as long as possible. For those that have only recently invested in quality makeup brushes, the following couple of tips can help ensure that you get the most from these makeup tools.

Use Olive Oil To Keep The Bristles In Good Condition

There are many options for cleaning your brushes, but whether you are regularly using a speciality cleaning solution or dish soap, it is important for you to occasionally clean the brushes using olive oil. The olive oil will help to remove cosmetic products, and it will also nourish the bristles of the brush. This helps them to retain their flexibility and softness.

Avoid Being Too Rough When Cleaning The Bristles

When you are washing your brushes, you should make it a point to be extremely gentle. If you are too rough when brushing, you can accidentally rip out the bristles. To minimize the risk of this occurring, you should use a soft sponge to gently rub the brushes to remove the caked on makeup. While using this approach will take you longer to clean the brushes, it will help them to stay safe.

Allow The Brushes To Air Dry

After you have washed your brushes, you will need to give them ample time to air dry. Always avoid using a hair dryer or similar appliance to rapidly dry the brushes. This can ruin the bristles by making them extremely rough and brittle. To ensure that your brushes dry as quickly as possible, you should consider placing them in an area that receives ample airflow and indirect sunlight. Additionally, you can place a fan to blow over the brushes to further expedite the drying process.

Caring for your collection of makeup brushes can seem like a difficult task if you have only recently needed to start doing this. However, you should not be overly concerned about performing this routine task because these tips will help you avoid some routine errors. In particular, knowing the benefits of occasionally using olive oil, sponges, and cosmetic brush cleaner to clean the brushes as well as the need to allow them to air dry can help ensure that your brushes last for as long as possible.