3 Reasons To Get Your Braces Back On

Braces are an incredible tool that get your teeth where you would like them to be, but sometimes you have to have your braces put on more than once in order to get your teeth into proper alignment with a proper bite. Problems may arise after you have had your braces on the first time, or your orthodontist may have planned all along for you to have your braces put on twice. Either way, the key is to get straight, beautiful teeth in the long run that you will be happy with. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you may need to get your braces back on. 

You Had Braces Put On With Baby Teeth

Often times your orthodontist may decide to put braces on you when you are younger and still have some baby teeth in your mouth. This allows your permanent teeth to get into proper alignment, and can help your baby teeth grow into the proper place. You will then get these braces off, while the rest of your permanent teeth grow into place. Then your orthodontist will be able to look over your teeth, and you can get the braces back on for a final time. 

You Didn't Wear Your Retainer

When you get your braces off for the first time, your orthodontist will stress to you just how important it is that you wear your retainer. You will need to wear this retainer all of the time in the beginning, and then over time you can just begin to wear it overnight. However, if you do not wear your retainer regularly, your teeth will begin to move out of place. Over time, your teeth may even return to where they were before you ever had braces. You will then need to get your braces back on, and this time around you should definitely look into getting a permanent retainer for your upper teeth, your bottom teeth, or both. 

Your Teeth Moved After Dental Work

Sometimes, even if you wear your retainer regularly and do all that you can to keep your teeth in proper alignment, other factors may still cause your teeth to move out of place. For example, if you happen to get your wisdom teeth removed, or another tooth pulled, after getting your braces off, this may cause your other teeth to shift. When this happens, your teeth may begin to crowd, and cause some of them to turn and move out place. If this happens, your orthodontist will likely recommend that you get your braces back on for a short time in order to move your teeth back into place.

Talk with an orthodontist or dentist like John S. Zanoni, DDS to see if it's time for you to get your braces back on.