Not Just For Performers Anymore: How To Apply Eyeliner For Men

It is no secret that male performers, such as rock stars, actors and other entertainers are often spackled with makeup before they go on-stage or in front of the camera. What you might not know is that more men are opting to wear makeup in everyday life, specifically eyeliner. A man's reason for wearing eyeliner varies, but most people never know that a man is wearing it, if it's applied properly. If you want your eyes to grab attention without people knowing you are wearing eyeliner, follow these tips:  

Choosing the Right Eyeliner for Men

If you are a beginner to the eyeliner application process, choose a pencil over a liquid. An eyeliner pencil is easier to work with for those who are unsure of what they are doing and those who might have unsteady hands. Pencil is easier to clean off your face if you make a mistake because it won't smear as much as the liquid variety.

Ask the associate at the makeup counter in the department or drug store to apply the eyeliner to your eyes for the first time. Try on all three of the major eyeliner colors, which are brown, black and blue. This will give you an idea of which color will work best for your eye color, skin tone and eye shape.

Sharpening the Eyeliner Pencil

Keep your eyeliner pencil sharpened at all times. Use the sharpener, which looks like a hand held pencil sharpener, to create a fine point on the end of the eyeliner pencil.

The finer the point, the better it will glide across the underside of your eyelashes. Blow off excess outer paper so that you don't inadvertently get it in your eyes.

Drawing the Line

Place the pencil underneath your bottom lash about a quarter of the distance from the inside corner of your eye. Keep your hand steady as you glide the pencil across to the outer corner.

Creating Invisible Subtlety

The key to making male eyeliner look great and subtle is blending. Use your ring finger to rub off the eyeliner. Start at the spot where you started the line and gently work your way out toward the outer corner.

Wipe off your finger with a tissue and then repeat the gentle rubbing off process. As you go on, the eyeliner will become nearly invisible but the residual effect of a more defined lash line will still be there. The left-behind liner will fill in the space between your eyelashes, creating the defined look.

If you or some friends want to define your eyes more, without anyone noticing that you are wearing male makeup, use the above instructions. Find the right color and sharpen your pencil well before beginning. Share this with someone you know who wants the same benefits from subtle eyeliner that male performers have experienced for years.